Thursday 6 October 2011

70% Discount for CMS Plugins.

Now you have a great chance to purchase CMS Plugins with 70% discount. To get the discount you just need to put a link to Aurigma on your website. If you are interested in this offer contact our sales team at

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Monday 26 September 2011

2X Software - ApplicationServer XG release

Please note promotional opportunities from our recent 2X ApplicationServer XG release:
  • Customers with valid 2X ApplicationServer Upgrade Insurance will receive a free upgrade to 2X ApplicationServer XG.
  • 2X VirtualDesktopServer customers will receive a year of Upgrade Insurance free of charge.
  • 2X ApplicationServer XG now comes with a free year of Upgrade Insurance with purchase.
  • 2X ApplicationServer XG Upgrade Insurance is now 25% of MSRP, rather than the previous 30% of MSRP price.
  • Customers without current Upgrade Insurance can purchase 2X ApplicationServer XG at a 30% discount, for a limited time.
Special discounts are available for providing a 2X ApplicationServer XG testimonial! Our existing testimonials are available here. Contact your local 2X sales office to learn more!

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Thursday 22 September 2011

DBI Technologies Recently Released ::Studio Controls for COM v1.2

What is new is old, and what is old is new - the recent release of Studio Controls for COM - a product that has evolved since it's first beginnings as Component Toolbox back in 1996 is today as ever popular as it was then. Studio Controls for COM has taken on a whole new personality and one that will continue to evolve with our customers needs.

What's new in this edition of Studio Controls for COM (v1.2)

Calendar -  Month and Week Views   
-  Zune styles
-  enhanced report printing
-  Week summary text formatting
-  Windows 7 styles support

DayView -  Multi Column Scheduling
-  Zune black style
-  Appointment styling
-  Report printing enhanced
-  Windows 7 styles support  

Grid -  Data entry and Data Presentation 
-  Progress bars
-  Programmatic navigation
-  Report printing enhanced
-  Windows 7 styles support

List - Data presentation & Reporting 
-  Progress bars
-  Programmatic navigation
-  Sub text formatting
-  Windows 7 styles support

Tree -  Hierarchical data navigation 
-  New sorting methods
-  Programmatic navigation
-  Report printing enhanced
-  Selected node dotted lines
-  Windows 7 styles support

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Scheduling and Calendar presentations for WPF application development - in ONE, fully customizable control. A Multi Column Day/Resource View, a Month Calendar View and a Week Calendar View in one compact, feature rich, royalty free WPF component product!
Manage; Appointments, Contacts, Locations, Tasks and owner drawn custom areas from local to global perspectives, in one fluid, drag and drop, context menu driven scheduling control.

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DBI Technologies Multi Threading with Studio Controls for .NET

Hello All,

For Today's Tech Tip, we thought we would branch out from just showcasing the great built in features of our controls and show off some .NET functionality that can be applied to numerous scenarios involving many different controls and applications.


The basic concept for multi-threading is to take the major processing away from the main application thread (to avoid the dreaded "Not Responding" message from windows), and also to be able to give proper feedback to users as tasks process and complete.

A nice and easy way to reflect the current status of an operation is with, everyone's favorite control, the Progress Bar. The Progress Bar is universally understood, well if you are used to using computers at least :), and a very simple way to display the needed information.  The issue that arises when trying to use it, is that trying to perform your processing and updating the Progress Bar, will max out the current thread and bring the application to its knees.  This is where Multi-Threading comes in, because you can move ALL of the processing operations to new threads, and leave the main thread to refresh the Progress Bar with the progress as each thread reports back.

We have put together a small sample that shows using two threads for "processing" in addition to the main application thread.

This sample uses the following controls, on a single form:

2 dbiMeter controls (used as Progress Bars)
1 dbiDial control (used to modify the increment of 1 dbiMeter)
1 dbiSlide control (used to modify the increment of 1 dbiMeter)
4 standard button controls (used for starting and stopping the additional threads)
2 Background Worker controls (these controls will handle the additional threads).

get the full details and the code right here:

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DBI Technologies Renewing Product Subscriptions

Subscription renewals offer DBI component product owners great service and without incurring traditional upgrade fees. Subscription ensures that a product is up to date, all the time, and is in step with each component and product update, upgrade, plus new components released into the product including changes that support new versions of Windows and Visual Studio.   

Subscription also maintains your direct access to DBI's "best in the industry" technical support group, online 24 x 7 license management and software activation. Make sure to renew your subscription today!

Subscription renewal pricing can be found under each product listing:

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Saturday 17 September 2011

FREE one user license of ERP, CRM and eCommerce system.

Interprise Suite - Integrated ERP, CRM and eCommerce in one system.

Enter a world where there is only one computer application to run your entire business; where there is no more pulling and pushing of data, where information is entered in one area (say inventory) and available somewhere else (say, your web store); where you can access your data from your local area network (LAN) or across the web. Imagine this with one, easy to use and affordable application. Welcome to the world of Interprise Suite: eBusiness Made Simple.
  • Bring all of your departments into one system
  • Reduce inefficiency and promote corporate synergy
  • Includes: Accounting, Sales, RMAs, Shipping and Receiving, Inventory, Internet faxing, Purchasing, E-Mailing, CRM, Report Writing and more
  • ERP / CRM / eCommerce
  • Fully Customizable
  • Advanced Features
  • Choice of Payment Gateways
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